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Some random events

I told myself and those around me over and over again before, that Networking and Me will never crosses path. Networking and Me just go our own separate way. I only learned that subject simply to finish my uni education and once I exited the examination hall, all notes on Networking slips pass my mind swiftly just like that and I'm back to, "Static single source IP? What's that?"

So, today I have to accompany the servers supplier to install them to our data center. I've been mewling and fretting and dreading this day for almost two weeks now (where all requirements are gathered, request forms to be filled and other side tasks compiled, where half of which I can't figured out still) but it's finally here. Today at 3.00 pm I have to go and watch over the installation process and make sure everything goes smoothly. If it didn't, it'll be on my shoulder.

Then, the best thing happened (and I shouldn't be glad of it, really), the network infra (or whatever it is called) is malfunctioning at the data center and they can't aspect us to install the servers today, it had to be done some other days when it has been fixed. 


Suddenly today doesn't look so gloomy after all. Can I just go and play at Portus Envy and SSHG Quiz? This headache I have since yesterday wouldn't go still... and I might puke if I hear another 'IP address'.


LOL there are some chores in our jobs we'd do anything to skip!
I wish I could skip it ... *sigh*

Anyway, lookie that, it has been postpone again to this Friday! Hahaha! I'm so happy I couldn't speak. :P
Yeah - isn't it nice when something you dread gets pushed off like that? Hope your headache is better!
Thank you, it did get better as soon as I step into HP communities and reading all of those fantastic SSHG stories. It was fun!

Some eat when they're stressed. Some go shopping. I simply logged in to the coomunities I love so much and go on reading. Isn't that much healthier and cheaper? *grins* ;)