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Postpone Again!!

That thing I've been dreaded last week (refer to my previous post) has been postpone again to this Friday!! Ahahahaha!! *clutching side while laughing uncontrollably pointing at the screen that previously showed the request from vendor to reschedule*

But that's the last time this thing can be postpone, we need the servers up and again soon for future project. But guess what, I searched high and low yesterday for my old Networking textbook and I found it! I thought I'd not have enough time to revise by this Tuesday, (wait, that's tomorrow!) but now I have up until Friday to do that! Wooot~! :D 

I had lotsa fun in Portus Envy last weekend. I managed to tie myself to five prompts and I've answered two of them. The third one is coming along (almost done). Although the fourth and fifth will take longer than usual since it's already Monday. *grumbles*

Anyway, wish me luck for this Friday!


So the delay was more than welcome, wasn't it? *fingers crossed*
You bet it is! ;) Thanks!