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read by window

A Very Busy Week ... *sigh*

It's always like that. When you think you've got most of things sorted out, new things/workload emerge out of nowhere and you're up to your nostrils again...


It's not bad enough that I have food poisoning early this week. On the day that I was *supposed* to rest, I had to drive to my office because my boss just can't find the agreement he's looking for and no, he can't wait for tomorrow for me. He needed it now. So there I was, supposely resting, driving all the way (50 minutes drive) to the office and back (that'll be 1 hour and 40 minutes, yes) and it took me one minute to find the agreement and gave it to my boss. And the day after that, I can't take another day off because I haven't fully recovered yet but I have to go to the office anyway, because there was so much things to do... I've never felt so tired before.

Comes weekend, I still can't rest, cause there were so many things to hand over this Monday, argh!

So, when can I find time for myself? I needed some time to play here if I were to remain sane. *sniffs*

I hate my job. And I hate it that it took me a long drive to get there.

Oh, but happy news! I've found a rental room just 15 minutes away and I'm going to move in this August. Yippee! That'll be a relieve in the petrol expenses. I could faint when I look at the credit card bills. The long list seems to be filled with petrol expenses! I'm broke until the end of this year. See, all these tenses just made me want to crawl here if only to provide me some smile reading he fanfics... The bad news is I most probably won't be able to hook up to Internet at my rental space. The cheapest one needed me to commit to at least 18-months of subscription (the one I subscribed for at home) and I don't think I'm going to stay there that long. The one without any minimum duration contract is quite expensive that subscribing to it would forfeit the choice of living closer to office. Perhaps I could stay back at the office to play and only got back home to sleep. It depends on how tired I would be though... ah, I guess we'll see...

Oh, by the way. If anyone is wondering, Friday went really well. The server installations was going smoothly (although I was near to freeze inside there after the first two hours). There I was, the ONLY girl admist a job only men seemed to be interested in, watching over the installation and hope to grasp everything that was said and try my best not to look lost (even though I was already lost in the first few minutes the technician opened his mouth) and let me say this, all of the men are so tall that I was only at the chin-level of the shortest of them all. They were talking to each other and apparently forgotten about me, well, I was below their eye level, so it's very easy for them to do that... There will be a user acceptance testing this Tuesday and I'd better remember to bring a sweater with me this time. Wouldn't want my brain to freeze over and miss any details pertaining the testing. Oh no.

Anyway, about the only good thing that happened to me last week was that I won the SSHG quiz! *goggling at the shiny banner below* Mine!!

Anyway, I have a few more hours before Monday is here again and I'm going to switch between work and play here as much as I can. I foresee another tiring week... 

I wonder when I get to do what the woman in my avvie is doing... just spend the time reading by the window. Oh, the bliss...


Are you sure you'll manage without the internet? On the other hand, 15 minutes instead of 50 is too tempting. And August is so close, you must already be packing, no?
That is the only drawback that I have in moving there. But 15 minutes drive!! You bet that it was tempting. And the petrol too!

I only need to pack the basic things, really. I'll still be coming back to my parents' on weekends. And there'll be plenty of Internet here. I'm still figuring out how to cope with the Internet-less situation. Perhaps I could come to the office early and get back late? I don't know. I'm lucky the office doesn't block access to the TPP and LJs... so that's good!