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icky ick

Not again ...

There is a couple of disadvantages of being the minority group in my office. It's the Single vs Married Women group. There are only 3 of us who are still single being surrounded by almost 20 of them who are already married. One of the disadvantages is not being able to join the conversation/fun/experience sharing about your children and the ups and downs of raising them. The best you can do is listen quietly to them jumping about impatiently as they took turn with their stories. And then you slowly slipped away from the group and they don't even notice you're gone.

Another disadvantage is ... still sharing experience/stories but focusing on one topic ... giving birth. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against them telling their stories, heck, I may need some of the experiences myself when I go through the same process (have to focus on finding a husband first, though) as they do. But do they have to do it at exactly 5-minutes before I take my lunch?

And this is not the first time too. You'll be astounded at how graphic they can get. You feel like standing in front of their spreaded legs pushing the baby out. Staying away doesn't help either. Their voice can be heard across the hall! How do they expect me to keep my lunch when I can vividly imagine the blood and the vagina?!?

I just have to let it out of my system here (where else?). I'm sorry if I offended anyone. It was seriously unintentional.


Talk about fun and dating and cute guys and FREE TIME. Revenge is sweet.
Well, that only applies if I have free time ... *sigh* But I don't have to do anything really, I get the revenge when school holidays come and they were all whining about having to stay with the in-laws ... or the in-laws coming to stay with them ... or going for a holiday with in-laws ... :P

Ah, revenge is indeed sweet.
I'm afraid I've been guilty of such unfeeling behaviour, but it was at the beginning of the day. Another of my colleague, who is pregnant too, squicked out one of our male colleagues by talking about uteruses first thing in the morning *sheepish*

Ranting is good forhealth ;)
LOL, you didn't! :P That poor male colleague ... I expect he'd just stare at his breakfast that morning ... (much like I did with my lunch, gah!)

Ranting is the chicken soup for the soul! :)
He just left the room after a disgusted comment, and we just laughed at him, in a friendly way, mind, more like teasing, but we switched subjects.
Come to think about it, this could be a good tactic to send male colleague away and then the girls get to gossip without their prying ears nearby! ;)

I icon!love your 'enough' icon up there. May I 'borrow' it?
Of course you can. Don't forget to credit the artist (Shaniah) and the iconer (that would be me ;), but mostly the artist.
Will do! Thanks! *g*