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need coffee

Still Alive and Breathing...

Hello guys... :)

Apparently I'm still alive and breathing. But I've been a terrible teribble fangirl by not posting and keeping up with the ongoing here. Life has been and still is pushing me down that I rarely have time for myself anymore (I know that 'The Love You Take' by subversa is now complete but I haven't got time to even read it, argh!). A colleague of mine was supposed to give birth in early December but she had a premature labor last month and now I have to cover all of her tasks (on top of mine too!). It's driving me crazy but so far I can still manage it. Problem is the only time I have for myself if lunch time (where I read TLYT (too slow though to my liking) through my new 3g handphone, squeel!) and to sleep at night. Anyway, I realize that I owe an exchange fic. Rest assure that I will finish and submit it to the mods. I just need some more time to complete it. I have the elaborated outline ready, I just need to expand it a bit and smooth it out and it should be ready. :) I'm sorry if I've been keeping very quiet all this time. This shouldn't last, at least I hope not if I expect to keep my sanity...

I'll see you guys later. Cheerios.  


It's so good to see you! I was just thinking about you the other day and hoping everything was all right. :)

Hiya shug! :) Oh, I know, it must be when the 'Removing Dark Mark' sshg quiz was out. I can't believe I've missed it! It's my favourite theme in sshg...

It was good to be back - almost ;) - too. Things are a bit better now and I hope I can come back here soon. *hugs*