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My Stomping Ground

24 March 1979
First off, I'm not good at keeping a journal. I've tried twice before with Friendster and Xanga and neither lasted for a month. However, I suppose I could give it a try this third time. But I can't say more than that... just, I'll try... my best. And utmost.

Anywho, I'm a post-graduate student in Computer Science who is waiting anxiously and nervously for the returned reviews of dissertation from both internal and external examiners. Those who knows me before, would know that I had taken an eternity to finish that dissertation. I'd say, I've got lots of distractions! :P

I come to like Harry Potter universe some time in 2004 when I get back from watching the third movie - PoA. It's not that I don't like the first and the second one - I like magical and fantasy stories too much for that - it's just that I hadn't think there's a lot more that runs deep than a boy who was lucky enough to escape a bad wizard TWICE.

But the third movie, ah, the third one didn't end that well to Harry, did it? Remus Lupin had to stop teaching, Peter escaped and his godfather (who we thought was the bad guy) remains a fugitive. Now, that's more than meets the eye, doesn't it? I finished all five books in one week.

So, there I was, searching through an endless list of journals when I thought I'd take a break and search for Harry Potter in Google. And get bombarded by the numerous fan-sites. To make a long story short (as if this is not long enough... :P) I found the wonders of fanfic, theories and discussions forums. I was even a moderator to Veritaserum forums for more than a year. Through this, I learned to improve my Eeng-leesh (no, English is not my native tongue, so forgive the grammar mistakes. Hey, I'm still learning!), get close to two very supportive and cool cyber-mates and many others. HP brought lots of great memories and I'm proud to say I'm a HP-geek. Now and years to come.

My OTP is Severus/Hermione, as can be seen from my avvie. I know that not all find this acceptable and I value your opinion on that. However, I really appreciate it if you do not throw it back at me and keep it to yourself. Hey, I ship whoever I like, thank you very much. Just grant me that wish and I'll leave you to ship Ron Weasley/Giant Squid or whoever. *shrug*

And oh, my Book 7 is titled 'In Annulo' by ladyofthemasque. Deathly Hallows, you say? What deathly hallows?? *snerk*